About Us

Founder Luke Massy in early 2006 took his unrivalled drive and experience in the automotive industry to take his ever growing passion and vision to create Plush Automotive. Building on his primary goal that he felt the market lacked, of going above and beyond on every project no matter how big or small and standing by his adage. “Do what you love, love what you do, Deliver more than you promise”. With this outlook Plush Automotive has grown from strength to strength over the past several years, following and innovating the current trends in the automotive market.

In early 2010 Plush had realised it's potential for further success. With this in vision, Luke expanded his team with another two highly experienced engineers in different fields to his own. With these engineers now on board Plush Automotive could spend time researching and finding new opportunities in the ever growing market. With this goal set Plush opened a new sector to the business supplying and fitting Air ride systems to vehicles and secured Distribution of great brands such as Airlift, Airrex and Accuair to further their already impressive product portfolio, this coupled with the painstaking attention to detail already applied to the audio and interior services made a winning combination for future builds.

Plush Automotive have now proved that with all the right products in place and the correct skilled engineers, we are able to offer a trouble free complete project build. Whether it would be just a simple supply of the correct parts or, also pairing these parts with our superior fitting service. This has already proved a huge success with clients new and old allowing us to project manage or even build a show winning car from scratch. With the media always interested in what we are building next and our own personal drive to stay active, this has helped us expose our unique eye for detail and quality delivered on every car to pass through our workshop keeping plush automotive one of the best aftermarket car builders in the UK and gaining clients from Europe and the USA.

The Philosophy behind Plush Automotive still continues to provide all of our clients with the best possible aftermarket solutions, coupled with outstanding customer service no matter how big or small the request.


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